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Garden balls 

Garden balls combine timeless design and functionality. This is a solution that will make the garden look elegant. Garden ball lamps look great on the terrace, as well as near the gazebo. This is a type of lighting that can be stably fixed in the ground. If you appreciate modern technology, you can choose solar garden ball lamps. They present themselves strikingly, and are distinguished by their elegance. They need the sun for their work and work in the evening. So if we need lighting that will work during the day, it is worth choosing classic garden balls on electricity. The choice of a specific light for the garden should take into account the individual requirements and possibilities of the environment. ... Czytaj więcej


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Garden ball lamps - advantages

Garden ball lamps are the most popular lighting that homeowners choose. In spring and summer we appreciate them even more when they illuminate the area around the house. Evenings spent on the terrace surrounded by beautiful lighting will become a moment to look forward to all day.

By choosing decorative garden balls, you provide security around the house, but not only. The garden looks beautiful and modern. We can choose balls that will fit in with the style of the garden. Manufacturers in this category prepare models that are distinguished by high quality workmanship and design.

Lighting of this type is characterized by resistance to rain and changing weather conditions. We can choose garden balls that do not rust. They are available in many sizes and forms. There are many more advantages to choosing garden lamps.

Garden spheres - solar or maybe classic?

Garden balls are a choice that looks elegant and modern. Currently on the market we can choose between classic and solar. Which to choose? There is no single answer that will be perfect for everyone. The final decision is influenced by individual preferences, but also by the design possibilities of the garden. Solar models have the advantage that they do not require any connection. They can be placed anywhere in the garden. However, solar garden balls must have access to the sun to perform their function. In contrast, classic garden balls for electricity require a connection. If at the planning stage of the garden we did not take care of this aspect, installing them can be a problem. Their advantage is that they shine all year round. We can use them even during the day, if the need arises.

Decorative garden balls - aesthetics in duet with functionality.

Decorativegarden balls are a type of lighting that is very popular. And for good reason! In addition to the fact that they look modern and stylish, they are distinguished by their functionality. They give our property a unique charm, and in the evening they provide adequate lighting and security. Summer evenings will encourage us to go out on the terrace.

When choosing lighting for the garden, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects. Style is not without significance. Lamps should be the decoration of our property. So they must fit in with the arrangement of our garden. With the selection of the ideal lamp, we should not have much of a problem. There is a wide range of garden balls on the market, which impress with their workmanship and technical parameters.

Garden balls - what to pay attention to when choosing?

Garden balls are unique decorations that will transform the terrace or property. We can choose models that will change the garden, adding uniqueness and elegance. Is the choice of this type of lighting as simple as we think? We have to worry you here, but buying lamps for the garden is quite a challenge. Aesthetics, functionality are just some of the many features that should be taken into account during the purchase. Very important are the technical parameters and characteristics of a particular lighting. The duration of use, but also comfort is affected by the quality of manufacture. Garden balls should be created from materials that are distinguished by their resistance to changing weather conditions. The power of the bulbs should also be taken into account. When choosing lighting, it is worth betting on LED models. They definitely minimize electricity bills. The size of the spheres is also not without significance. Also pay attention to the waterproofing class. The absolute minimum is IP44.

Garden balls - choose beautiful lighting from Colors of Light

Colors of Light is an online store offering high-quality lighting from reputable manufacturers. The offer includes indoor, but also outdoor lamps. The products that make up the assortment combine high quality workmanship and timeless design. If you are currently looking for lighting for the garden, pay attention to garden lamp spheres. In this category you will find proposals that look fantastic. They are distinguished by high quality workmanship. We recommend models with IP44 protection class. We offer large garden balls, but also smaller models. After choosing a specific lamp, also visit the light bulb category. Choose a source of light that will decorate your garden. You are cordially invited.