Garden lamps driven into the ground (with wedge) 

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Driven lamps - because garden lighting is essential

Properly selected and placed garden lighting can add some softness, mystery or optically enlarge the garden. So it is worth deciding on the purchase of such lamps to make our garden look beautiful not only during the day, but also in the evening, when the sun has set. Our online store offers as many as four, different models of this type of lighting. So there is a good chance that you, dear customer, will find among them the one lamp you were looking for.

Wedge lamps - One Light Rakita

The first option we offer from the category of wedge garden lamps is the Rakita lamp from One Light. This product is made of aluminum, so it is durable. Due to the fact that this lamp is black in color, dirt will be less visible on it than it would be if it were white. It is 7.5 cm in height and 4.5 cm in diameter. This product has a 3W integrated LED light source. So it is energy-efficient and will last longer than it would with ordinary incandescent bulbs.

Headlights driven into the ground - One Light Moira

The second drive-in garden lamp we offer is another product from One Light. This lamp, like the previously described Rakita, is made of aluminum and is black in color. It differs from its predecessor mainly in appearance, dimensions, and maximum power of the light source. The One Light Moira lamp is 10.4 cm in height and 5.7 cm in diameter. This product has one light source of integrated LED type. The maximum power of this source is 8W.

Driven earth lamps - One Light Dounemna

Doumena ground lamps from One Light is another product we offer. This lamp is 15.2 cm high and 7 cm in diameter. It is made of aluminum, so it should last for a long time. This product has one GU10 type light source, whose maximum power is 10W. This lamp does not come with a bulb, so you need to buy one separately.

Garden ground lamps - Nowodvorski TUBINGS

The last garden ground lamp in our offer is a product of Nowodvorski. This lamp is 13,8 cm wide and 29 cm high. Due to its specific design (it is not placed on a leg protruding from the ground) it sits directly on the ground, making it easier to illuminate low and small elements with it. This product has one GU10 type light source. The maximum power of the source is 35W. However, the bulb is not part of the set. Therefore, it should be purchased separately.