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Shades for outdoor lamps 

Do you live in a house that is surrounded by a garden? Take care of the space around the property and adequate visibility to allow you to move freely after dark - combine functionality with decorativeness by choosing stylish lamp shades for garden lamps. The online store with lighting Colors of Light has a richly expanded offer of lampshades maintained in a style referring to the most popular design styles. ... Czytaj więcej


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Lamp shades for garden lamps - decorate the space around the house

Lamp shades are designed not only to balance the sharp stream of light so that it does not dazzle us, but also to have a positive effect on the decorativeness of the items, which are a necessity in every home. Both lamp shades for standing lamps, as well as for pendant lamps or table lamps can have a significant impact on the atmosphere in a given space. This applies not only to the interior lighting of the apartment, but also to the exterior. The Colors of Light store in the assortment also has lamp shades for garden lamps, with which you can style a green space, bringing a magical atmosphere to it. The assortment includes both classic, simple lamp shades for outdoor lamps, and exceptionally ornate models. A shade for a standing lamp in an English climate, a modern sphere with a basket or a shade for a garden lamp in an industrial, somewhat austere atmosphere, with a design reminiscent of a lantern. A wide selection allows you to customize lighting accessories to suit the design of the garden and the specifics of the house.

Lamp shades for garden lamps - choose a model tailored to the specific application

Shades for standing lamps in the garden should not only be decorative, but, above all, durable. Outdoor lighting is exposed to a number of factors that adversely affect it. Fluctuating temperatures, rain and snowfall, frost, hail, intense sunlight - all of these can cause deficiencies in the lighting, which will not only negatively affect the design of the lamps, but also their functionality. If you prefer functional solutions and want to buy lampshades for garden lamps that will decorate the lighting around the house for a long time, bet on models made of suitable materials. In the offer prepared by the Colors of Light store you can find lamp shades for outdoor lamps made of aluminum and resistant decorative glass, clear polycarbonate or polymethacrylate. Relying on such materials translates into resistance of lampshades to mechanical damage.

Colors of Light is the place where quality meets attractive design. Reputable companies, attractive prices of products and a wide selection of models make the lighting and accessories we offer, including lamp shades for garden lamps, enjoy an ever-growing interest among people who, when furnishing their apartment and taking care of the space around the house, pay attention to every, even the smallest detail.