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Outdoor lights with camera 

Ensuring adequate visibility is the key to moving around safely and comfortably after dark, which is why it is so important to equip yourself with both well-matched indoor and outdoor light sources. If you are at the stage of equipping your garden and are looking for a functional, modern solution, camera lights are products you should be interested in. ... Czytaj więcej


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Lights with a camera - take care of the comfort of the inhabitants of the house after dark

Are you a fan of minimalism? Lamps with a camera are the perfect solution for you! Why? For a very simple reason - an outdoor lamp with a camera provides a considerable range of operation, which translates into the ability to limit the light sources mounted on the facade of the house. This not only positively affects the exterior of the house, but also saves a lot of energy. The camera in the LED lamp is a modern solution for those who want to ensure maximum security and psychological comfort - lighting with the option to record what is happening around the house is insanely important, especially if you live in an area far from other buildings.

Lamps with a camera - safety and convenience

Outdoor lamp with camera is a guarantee of complete security, but not only. The assortment of the store's Colors of Light includes lamps with a camera that combine functionality with decorativeness - the offer includes both a lamp with a WIFI camera in a minimalist edition, with a simple geometric shape, as well as a camera in an LED lamp imitating headlights with the option to adjust the angle of incidence of light, or a model with subtle decorations in a modern edition. There are products that provide single and dual light sources. Camera lamps are made of resistant plastic or aluminum, which translates into their longevity. Subdued, classic colors, such as white, gray, black, silver, as well as the ability to choose the form of finish - matte or glossy allows you to adjust the form of lighting to the specific facade of the house. Each item in our assortment is a lamp with a camera and motion sensor, which further affects the functionality and economy of this type of lighting.

Attractive price and high quality of the offered products are our strengths. We rely exclusively on the assortment of products from proven, reputable manufacturers, such as Lutec - so that when we offer our customers lamps with camera, we are sure that we present them with products that will meet their expectations. If you want to take care of your and your household members' comfort and safety, and at the same time you are looking for an attractive accessory that will make the exterior of your home more attractive, bet on modern solutions and order lamps with a camera.