Overhead and ground lights 

Proper outdoor lighting is vital for both aesthetics and safety. Driveway and ground lights are an excellent choice if you want to illuminate your driveway, garden paths or other landscaping. LED driveway lights are energy-efficient and efficient, allowing you to illuminate your outdoor spaces effectively. With long life and high quality light, they are a practical solution for your home. ... Czytaj więcej


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Directly mountedground lights allow you to delineate paths and highlight various elements of the garden. In combination with the overrun lighting, they create a cohesive and functional arrangement that enhances the comfort of use and aesthetic value of the property. Take a look at our range of invasion and ground lamps to find the perfect lighting for your garden and driveway.

Driveway and ground lamps - how to choose and install lighting in the garden and driveway?

Proper outdoor lighting plays a key role in the aesthetics and safety of our properties. LED driveway lights and ground lights are the perfect solution for lighting driveways, garden paths or other landscape features. When choosing driveway lighting, there are several important aspects to consider that will help you choose the best solution for your environment.

Drivewaylamps are characterized by energy efficiency, performance and long life, making them perfect for outdoor lighting. In the offer of our store you will find models of invasion lamps that you can easily match with different arrangements. Paved driveway lights are a popular choice that allows you to subtly incorporate lighting into your driveway surface.

Driveway pavement lights allow you to safely navigate your property, especially after dark or at night. With a wide selection of models, you can match your driveway lights to your paving stones for a cohesive arrangement with your existing driveway finish.

Ground lamps mounted directly in the ground are extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing. They allow you to delineate paths and highlight various elements of the garden. In our assortment you will also find ground lights, which are great for subtle illumination of selected corners in the garden, bringing a unique mood and charm to your outdoor space.

The selection of the right overhead and ground lights depends on your individual needs and the style of your property. It is worth investing in high-quality products that will not only provide effective lighting, but will also last for years.

Safety and comfort through driveway lighting - how to use driveway and ground lights?

Driveway lighting plays a key role in ensuring safety and comfort when using the property. By using driveway and ground lamps, you can create a well-lit, welcoming and functional space.

Drivewaylights, which are a smaller and more subtle counterpart to overhead lights, work well as additional accent lighting. They can also be installed along garden paths. On the other hand, pavement invasion lamps, thanks to their discreet form, fit perfectly into the surface of the driveway, while providing sufficient light.

Drivewaylighting is essential for proper marking of the road, facilitating the movement of vehicles as well as pedestrians. Good visibility contributes to safety, especially during adverse weather conditions or at night.

Driveway lighting can also be enhanced with control features, such as motion sensors or timers, saving energy and making it even more convenient. In this case, all kinds of solutions from the smart category available in our store will work great.

Ground lights, installed along paths or around garden elements, allow you to mark out routes and highlight various landscape elements. Combined with invasion lighting, they create a cohesive and functional arrangement that enhances the comfort of the property.

Round or square invasion lights? Which to choose?

Both types have their advantages! Round invasion lamps, due to their shape, fit perfectly into the surroundings, creating a harmonious arrangement. They are a great choice for lovers of classic designs. Square lamps, on the other hand, are a modern solution that emphasizes the character of the space. If you are looking for unusual forms and want to shock your guests, this is the option for you! It is also worth considering the technical parameters and the method of installation to make the best choice.

Solar or AC ground lamps?

Both types have their unique features that are worth considering. Solar lamps are an eco-friendly alternative that is very popular. Thanks to solar panels, they do not generate additional energy costs, and installation is simple and requires no wiring. The disadvantage may be their lower efficiency compared to AC lamps, especially on less sunny days.

AC lamps offer powerful and reliable lighting, independent of weather conditions. Their installation may require specialized knowledge and additional installations, which means higher initial costs. However, it is worth noting that these lamps tend to be more durable and have better light performance.

The choice between solar and AC lamps depends on individual needs and conditions on the property.