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Do you prefer a modern, minimalist style? Do you like interiors where space is king? When choosing lighting, make sure that it harmonizes with the other elements of the decor, providing the right visibility and atmosphere that should prevail in the room. ... Czytaj więcej


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Surface-mounted luminaires - a modern solution for your apartment

Surface-mounted led luminaire is a guarantee of ideal interior lighting, simplicity in elegant glory and minimalism at its best. The assortment of our store consists of a number of models of different types - the offer includes both surface-mounted ceiling luminaire and surface-mounted ceiling luminaire made of acrylic, aluminum, steel, glass, damage-resistant plastic or plaster. For proponents of cozier, Scandinavian interiors, we have surface-mounted halogen fixtures with wood and glass elements. We take care of the smallest detail, as evidenced by surface-mounted fixtures in various finishes - chrome, matte, gloss, brushed and satin. This type of lighting is used in many rooms - to meet the needs of our customers, we offer fixtures of various types - both with a single point of light, two, three and four light sources. We know how important the role of light is, not only because of the visibility it guarantees, but also the atmosphere it introduces into the illuminated room - surface-mounted halogens are available in various colors - from warm, through natural, to cold - providing ideal visibility. The assortment also includes surface-mounted fixtures equipped with a dimmable light option - an ideal solution for those who prefer practical, universal solutions.

Surface-mounted luminaires - bet on a proven company

Colors of Light puts quality first - this is confirmed by the fact that all surface-mounted luminaires we offer come from proven, reputable manufacturers. The offer includes surface-mounted ceiling luminaires signed by Maxlight, Orlicki Design, Redlux, Shilo, Spotline or Zumaline, among others. All products come with a warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Surface-mounted halogens look great both as a central source of light and as an additional one, providing an exceptionally cozy atmosphere. If you are looking for energy-saving solutions that impress with quality workmanship, durability and design, order the products we offer. Attractive price is an additional feature that makes the surface-mounted luminaires offered by us among one of the most popular products in our store.