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Some people like to follow new trends not only in fashion, but also in terms of interior design, preferring modernist, glamorous, more extravagant styles as room decor. For those who like to stand out and experiment with the interior, the perfect complement will be a modern chandelier, which in this case will not only be an element of lighting, but also an eye-catching decoration. In our online store we provide a wide selection of products, from proven Polish and global manufacturers. The highest quality, attractive price, regularly appearing promotions and stylistic diversity of models make the modern chandeliers we offer increasingly popular among fans of expressive design. ... Czytaj więcej


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Crystal chandelier - perfect for a glamour style living room

We have modern chandeliers of different shapes and styles, so every lover of good style will find something for himself. Among other things, our assortment includes models finished with crystals, with intriguing lampshades and impressive shades. Crystal chandelier is eagerly chosen by those who prefer the glamour style - it is not only a model that performs its primary function, adequately illuminating the room in which it is located, but also a distinctive decoration that will decorate the interior, giving it elegance. Each crystal chandelier available in the assortment that our online store has, was created with precision and attention to the smallest detail. This further projects the uniqueness of this type of lighting.

Led chandelier - functionality in your home

Crystal chandelier is too expressive form of lighting and decoration for you? Opt for a more minimalist version - led chandelier will be a hit. Thanks to modern technology, ceiling chandeliers of this type perfectly illuminate the interior, providing a pleasant scenery for the eyes and improving the overall atmosphere of the room. Modern chandeliers, which our online store offers, are available both in minimalist models, where simple, classic geometric shapes and subdued colors dominate, as well as more expressive products with asymmetrical shapes or ornaments. Attractive price, high quality and unique design makes modern led chandeliers are increasingly chosen for both spacious interiors and rooms with a fairly limited square footage.

Modern chandelier - bet on clarity

Scandinavian style, industrial, minimalist, or maybe retro? No matter what your vision is for the interior design of your home, modern chandeliers will blend in perfectly, providing not only an adequate source of light that will positively affect visibility at any time of the day and protect your eyes from excessive fatigue, but also be a great decoration that will bring a touch of clarity to the interior. With a wide selection of models, modern chandeliers are widely used, being an indispensable part of any home.

Online store Colors of Light is a place where modern chandeliers reign supreme - durable, made of the best quality materials fully adapted to the specifics of lighting, visually attractive. Attractive price and reputable manufacturers, from which we obtain the offered products, encourage design supporters to take advantage of the offer and equip the apartment with modern chandeliers.