Glamour chandeliers 

Glamour rooms captivate with their style, unadorned splendor and extraordinary elegance. What would be a carefully designed interior without the right lighting? It is it that adds the desired glow and exposes all the selected elements. The foundation of any room is ceiling lighting. If you care about an elegant and stylish interior, then be sure to choose extremely extravagant chandeliers in glamour style - they will add chic and class to any place. In our offer you will find a lot of great models of modern chandeliers, so that the models you choose will match your preferences one hundred percent! ... Czytaj więcej


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Lighting like from Hollywood movies

The glamour style represents luxury and elegance, which are often seen as symbols of success and prestige. It is also associated with a high level of aesthetics and beauty, which can inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams and strive for perfection. Contemporary glamour chandeliers combine classic and traditional with modernity. They are associated primarily with crystal, richly decorated models. In our online store you will also find other extremely unique models of chandeliers in glamour style. If you dream of a beautiful home, as if from Hollywood movies, then be sure to choose a unique glamour chandelier!

Glamour chandelier for the living room

The living room is, in a way, the showcase of our home - it is where we usually receive guests. It is the center of our home, where we spend most of our time - relaxing, eating or talking with loved ones. It's worth thinking carefully about its furnishing and making sure it makes a good impression, not only on ourselves, but also on our guests. Usually glamour chandeliers chosen for living rooms are extremely impressive, especially if we are talking about hanging models. If you want a unique way to illuminate the entire room, then consider choosing crystal chandeliers. They emit diffused light, which will be an extremely interesting and unique decorative element of the living room. With crystal elements and wall sconces, you will create a unique atmosphere inside your living room.

How about a bathroom in glamour style? What kind of chandelier to choose?

If you are a fan of elegance and glamour style, then you do not have to limit yourself only to the living room decorated in such a character. A glamour bathroom is also a great option. Climatic decor will make you create a room where you will feel like in the most expensive spa. What chandelier to choose for such a bathroom? If you have a room with large dimensions, and its ceilings are high - choose richly decorated hanging models. They will add extraordinary elegance to your bathroom, so it will definitely stand out. However, if you have a small bathroom or a low ceiling, stylish wall lamps will be a good solution. It's a good idea to place them on either side of the mirror to make the bathroom extremely tasteful.

What chandelier to choose for a glamour style bedroom?

A bedroom decorated in glamour style is a room that is extremely elegant and luxurious. How to decorate such a place? First of all, you need to combine different types of textiles - fluffy blanket and nice-to-touch pillows with quilted furniture upholstery. Such a room should also not lack a glamour chandelier! What model of chandelier to choose, so that it fits into such a decorated bedroom and creates a whole with it? It is worth betting on crystal models, which will be a source of extremely effective and impressively distributed light. In this way you will add an extremely atmospheric and unique character to your bedroom. You can also choose interesting and elegant wall lamps, which will be an extremely functional element - they will be perfect as an additional source of light during evening reading.

The highest quality in glamour style - chandelier from the store Colors of Light

Chandeliers in glamour style are certainly some of the most impressive and exclusive models of ceiling lamps offered by our store Colors of Light. Their unique appearance will steal the heart of many lovers of luxuriously decorated interiors. This style is definitely dominated by rich ornaments and numerous crystals, which will illuminate your home in a wonderful way. In our online store you will find models made of high-quality materials. Great attention to detail at every stage of production makes our chandeliers free from any shortcomings. It's not only extraordinary durability and functionality, it's also timeless elegance that will stay with you for years to come! Choose glamour chandeliers in the Colors of Light store and enjoy a unique and extremely exclusive interior of your home!