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Fans with lighting 

Fans with lighting are an increasingly popular solution for those who want to combine functionality and aesthetics in their interior. With this product you can easily take care of good air circulation and illumination of the room. A high-quality fan with lighting can also be an excellent decorative element that will highlight the style of a given interior. ... Czytaj więcej


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In our store you will find a wide selection of fans with lighting from various manufacturers, in a wide variety of styles. We offer both classic models and more modern models, matching the latest design trends. Our fans with lighting are characterized not only by aesthetics, but also by high quality workmanship and functionality.

Choose the right fan with lighting - key criteria

Fans with lighting are the perfect solution for those looking for convenient and practical ways to ventilate and illuminate interiors. When choosing a ceiling light with fan, it is worth paying attention to several key criteria for optimal results. The right fan with lighting is not only a guarantee of functionality, but also energy savings and comfort.

The first aspect to pay attention to when buying is the color of the light emitted. The choice of light color, expressed in Kelvin (K), affects the atmosphere of the interior and the mood of the users. Fans with lighting can emit warm light (about 2700 K), neutral light (about 4000 K) or cold light (about 6500 K). Selection of the appropriate light color depends on individual preferences and the purpose of the room.

Another important criterion is illumination, that is, the brightness of the light expressed in lumens (lm). Depending on the size of the room and the expectations of the household members, it is worth paying attention to the power of light emitted by the fan with lighting. The larger the room, the higher the lumens value should be generated by the light source.

In the case of ceiling fan lighting, it is also important to choose the right light source. Most often, energy-efficient LED bulbs are used - such a solution allows for long-lasting use, greater energy savings and easier adjustment of light color and brightness.

It is also worth considering a ceiling fan with light and remote control. The remote control allows you to adjust the speed of the fan, turn the lighting on and off, and change the color of the light without getting up from your seat. This is especially useful in bedrooms, where comfort plays a key role.

Fan with lighting - in what room will it work best?

When choosing lighting with a fan, it is worth considering in which room it will work best. Depending on the characteristics of the interior, its size and purpose, the type and characteristics of the fan should be adapted to the individual needs of the occupants.

A fan with lighting will work great in the bedroom, where comfort and proper temperature are crucial for a good night's rest. Remember to carefully select the color of light, which is crucial for bedrooms. A warm light color (about 2700 K) introduces a cozy atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and sleep. In the bedroom, it is also worth considering a ceiling fan with a light and remote control, which allows you to adjust the speed of the fan and turn the lighting on and off without getting out of bed.

In the living room or living room, a fan with lighting will work well as a source of light and as a way to improve air circulation. Especially during hot summer afternoons, when the whole family spends time together.

The kitchen is another room where a fan with lighting can prove indispensable. Thanks to it, we can effectively remove moisture and odors generated during cooking. In the kitchen, it is worth choosing a neutral color of light (about 4000 K), which promotes concentration and precision.

In the bathroom, a fan with light can also be useful, especially if it is well insulated and suitable for humid conditions. In this case, a cold color of light (about 6500 K) can be suitable for activities that require precision, such as makeup or shaving.

Aesthetics and style - how to choose a fan with light to match the style of the room?

A key aspect of choosing the right fan is to match its design with the interior decor. In our store you will find models that will fit into a variety of styles, such as classic, modern, loft or minimalist. When choosing, pay attention to the shape, color and material of the fan, so that it harmoniously blends in with the surroundings and emphasizes the character of the room.

Is it worth buying lighting with a fan?

When you invest in lighting with a fan, you not only gain a practical solution that takes care of fresh air, but also save space by combining two functions in one device. In addition, modern fans with lighting are energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing, which makes them a great complement to the interior design.