Pendant lamps spheres 

The sphere pendant lamp is a solution that looks subtle and elegant. Despite their delicacy, they are of great value during interior design. They are simply beautiful and fabulous. They bring a cozy atmosphere to the room. Choosing spheres for the interior, we make the light will spread in every direction. The room will be bright and spacious. Looking for pendant lamps of spheres, we invite you to check the offer of the online store Colors of Light. The proposals presented here are distinguished by the highest quality workmanship and elegance. Among the many items, choose the one that will meet your individual expectations. You are welcome! ... Czytaj więcej


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Glass sphere pendant lamp - timeless lighting.

If you like elegant lighting with regular shapes, pay attention to glass sphere pendant lamps. In addition to the fact that they look beautiful, they effectively illuminate the selected interior. Glass sphere pendant lamp is a stylish addition to the bedroom, dining room and kitchen. In addition to being the central lighting in the room, they can act as a unique decorative element. Glass sphere pendant lamps from the offer of the online store Colors of Light are made of various materials. For rooms in the glamour style we recommend glass balls with the addition of gold-colored elements. In modern interiors, hanging lamp spheres in darker colors, for example, with the addition of black, will look great. We also offer classic glass spheres, which take on very interesting colors. The sphere pendant lamp is a designer lighting, which is worth having in your home. While browsing our offer, pay attention to outdoor lamps. Maybe it's time to change the lighting around the house as well?

Pendant sphere - why should you choose this lighting?

Choosing the right lighting is one of the most important things to do when planning the arrangement of your home. It is worth asking ourselves: what kind of light do we care about? Is it to be a spectacular decoration, attracting the eye, or perhaps classic lighting that fulfills only a practical role? If, on the other hand, you want to combine both aspects, the ideal choice will be a pendant sphere! These are lamps with a timeless character. They are devoid of sharp edges, so they bring harmony and a cozy atmosphere to the room. They are available in many different sizes and shapes. We can choose a simple pendant ball that will fit into any arrangement. The choice is huge. Manufacturers surprise us with new designs. When you choose pendant spheres for your room, you bring elegance and subtlety. This is lighting that has great potential.

Pendant ball lamp - check out the most fashionable models

This season, hanging sphere lamps are the most fashionable. Designers of well-known manufacturers devote more and more time to them, creating models that combine original form and high quality workmanship. In this way, lighting elements are created that catch the eye, giving the room a unique atmosphere. For lovers of original interiors, hanging ball lamps with unusual colors are recommended. An example is the proposal of the Italux brand. They are made of steel, and the main color is brass. The color of the lampshade is smoky, which gives it a unique and timeless character. The brand also offers pendant glass spheres in smoked black. Transparent glass spheres are also in vogue. Such models will work well in loft interiors. Proposals in the category of pendant lamp sphere are many. Manufacturers constantly surprise us. So with the choice of the ideal model we should not have much of a problem.

Hanging lamp sphere - get acquainted with our proposals

When deciding on lighting in the form of hanging sphere lamps, we need to keep in mind several important aspects. First of all, it is worth paying attention to what kind of light they emit. The sphere shields the light source, making it soft and gentle. If you want a more elaborate and coherent lighting arrangement, do not forget about wall lamps. It is worth introducing two types of lighting into the interior. The main lighting and decorative, or additional lighting will make the interior warm and elegant. When choosing pendant spheres, the square footage you have is also important. One pendant sphere lamp is the choice for smaller rooms. In a larger room, we can choose several spheres with decorative designs.

If you are looking for lighting that delights in form and high quality workmanship, please visit the online store Colors of Light. The assortment includes pendant lamp spheres designed by well-known and respected manufacturers such as Italux, AZzardo, CosmoLight, Lucide, Markslojd, UMMO, ALDEX and many other brands. You can choose pendant spheres with E14, E27, G9 light source, as well as with integrated LED. The lamps differ in color. We recommend classic models in elegant white, but also gold or black lamps. The choice is huge. When browsing glass ball pendant lamps, pay attention to the bulbs. Buy one that will be an additional decoration in your interior.