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Plafonds glamour 

Lighting plays a very important role in the house. It gives the interior a unique character, providing adequate light. The choice of specific lamps should take into account several important aspects. The basis is the design style of the room. This issue largely determines what kind of lighting we can afford. If you have already decided on the glamour style, be sure to pay attention to plafonds. These are beautiful lamps that catch the eye. We can choose one that is delicately decorated with crystals. Such proposals and many others in the category: plafonds glamour you will find in the online store Colors of Light. The assortment is created taking into account current trends, but also the requirements of our customers. You are cordially invited! ... Czytaj więcej


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Glamour ceiling plafonds - take a closer look at them

Plafonds are a type of lighting that can be seen in many places. They are chosen for the home, for hotels, but also for public buildings. This is mainly due to the fact that they adhere to the ceiling and are suitable for low-rise rooms. They also do not disturb the aesthetics and harmony of the room. They are also very economical and economical solutions. There are many more advantages to reaching for plafonds. It is worth mentioning that manufacturers offer us plafonds in different styles. For lovers of luxury and distinctive accents, we recommend glamour ceiling plafonds. They present themselves uniquely. They give the interior a unique atmosphere. They are particularly popular among those who appreciate original and timeless lighting. They delight the most demanding users. Take a look at them today!

Plafonds in glamour style - is it a choice for every interior?

Plafonds in glamour style combine aesthetics, delicacy and a sense of luxury. This lighting will uniquely present itself in small rooms, but also in spacious interiors. They are a great alternative to classic chandeliers or hanging lamps. They can also provide additional lighting, acting as a decorative element.

Plafonds in glamour style stand out against the background of classic lighting. These are models of extravagant character and high quality workmanship. This is a choice that can be the main, but also additional lighting. They can be installed in the bedroom, living room, dining room or bathroom. They also look great in the hallway. When choosing glamour plafonds, we must remember that the room should be decorated in this style. Then the interior will be elegant, consistent and harmonious.

Emphasize the elegance of the interior - bet on a black glamour plafond

Aglamour plafond is usually made up of elements that shine together. It is they that give the interior clarity and elegance. This type of lighting, in addition to looking beautiful in glamour arrangements, can also bring out the subtlety in other elements. Plafonds glamour look great in duet with gold, silver, but also black. The glamour style also likes distinctive accents, such as purple. Crystals, which are found in plafonds, illuminate the room, giving it clarity and subtlety. If you want to emphasize the elegance of your interior, enter the mandatory glamour plafond black or gold. The color of the lighting should take into account individual preferences, as well as the other elements that are in the room. The whole should look elegant, creating a cohesive composition.

Plafonds in glamour style in modern interiors

You are a fan of modern interiors, but you also appreciate rich ornaments and crystals. If so, then glamour style plafonds will certainly appeal to you. This is a type of lighting that has recently become very popular. They are most often chosen for glamour-style arrangements. However, manufacturers offer us such models, which will also look great in modern arrangements. Plafonds in glamour style are great for spacious interiors. The combination of glamour, modernity and elegance is possible today. Choose such lighting, which is hard to pass by indifferently. Get to know our offer!

Online store Colors of Light - choose glamour plafonds

Online store Colors of Light is a place where you can find a wide selection of lighting. Our proposals come from manufacturers who use premium materials at the stage of design and production. It is thanks to them that the lighting looks fabulous and original.

One of the many categories we would like to introduce to you are plafonds in glamour style. In this category we offer models in white, gold or transparent color. The models are created by reputable manufacturers. AZZardo, CosmoLight and ZUMA LINE are just examples of brands whose plafonds you will find with us. An interesting choice are plafonds that are available with remote control and dimming function. This is modern lighting that is worth paying attention to. We cordially invite you to get to know the whole offer!