LED Plafonds 

Proper lighting in the apartment is not only a guarantee of adequate visibility at any time of the day, but also a great decoration that helps bring a unique atmosphere to the interior. In addition to functionality, do you value design just as much? The online store Colors of Light meets your expectations, offering a variety of forms of lighting ideally suited to both apartments, offices and larger spaces, such as hotels or restaurants. Examples include Led plafonds, which are gaining more and more popularity among our customers. ... Czytaj więcej


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LED plafonds - lighting ideal for supporters of practical solutions

Once the plafond lamp was associated primarily with lighting in the bathroom or hallway. Today, thanks to the rich design, ceiling plafonds are ideal not only as lighting, but also as decoration of living rooms or bedrooms. Modern ceiling plafond lamps will enliven the interior, giving it a modern look and attracting the eyes of all invited guests. Our online store has a wide range of lamps of this type powered by both traditional incandescent bulbs and LEDs. In the assortment you can find both classic ceiling plafonds and modern plafonds, which impress with their remarkable design. Minimalist square plafond, plafond with crystals in glamour style, led ceiling plafond decorated with hanging metal ribbons, wooden elements or stylish lampshades with unique designs - a wide selection of models allows you to seamlessly match the product to the overall style that prevails in the interior of the apartment We make available products only from proven companies, placing emphasis on high quality. Our online store offers led ceiling plafonds in many price variants, so everyone manages to choose the ideal proposal for themselves.

LED ceiling plafonds - bet on originality

Modern plafonds are a guarantee of convenience and good style. The functionality of this form of lighting makes the ceiling plafond lamp perfect for a room with limited space, as well as in a spacious room. Plafonds available in the offer of our store come from well-known, reputable manufacturers who focus on quality. The best materials, durable construction and attention to the finest decorative elements make led ceiling plafonds decorate more and more apartments. Prefer minimalist solutions? Geometric plafond lighting kept in classic colors such as white, black or gray will be ideal. Do you prefer a more ornate glamour style? How about a ceiling plafond with crystals? If, on the other hand, you are a fan of original ornaments, plafond lamps with unusual, asymmetrical shapes will surely delight you. We know perfectly well that our customers are diverse and therefore have different tastes, so when creating our offer, we focused on diversity. As a result, in the assortment you can find both classic plafonds of round or square shape, without unnecessary ornamentation, models with distinctive decorative elements, such as crystals or irregular forms. Thus, every lover of visually attractive interiors will find something for himself.

Plafond lamp - a universal addition to any interior

Plafonds are ideal for use in the interiors of apartments, but this is not their only purpose. Plafonds, or simple, classic models are also often used in offices or other workplaces. In turn, led ceiling plafonds richly decorated are increasingly chosen by restaurant owners who are looking for functional solutions and utilitarian objects that, in addition to functionality, are at the same time a form of visually attractive decoration.

Plafond lamps - classics in a modern version

Ceiling plafonds for the living room are one of the key products available in the offer that our online store has. Attractive price and regular promotion makes the modern plafond appear in more and more apartments. Both for classic and modern ones. The led plafond lamp impresses with its simplicity - this type of lighting provides the perfect diffused light, while providing an extremely cozy atmosphere. If you are a proponent of functional solutions, this type of lamp will certainly meet your expectations.

Whether you are interested in a modern plafond, a typical, classic model, or a crystal plafond or one with remarkable decorations, the online store Colors of Light has it in its offer. If you want to enjoy good visibility in your apartment, and in addition you like useful products that are at the same time interesting additions, get acquainted with our offer and choose the lighting model that best suits your taste.