Cantilever wall lamps 

Lighting is a key design element in any apartment. The right choice of lamps translates into good visibility in the room, also serving a decorative function. Do you like practical solutions? Wall lamps with a movable arm are lamps that should become a fixture in your apartment. Get acquainted with the offer prepared by the online lighting store Colors of Light and match the model of wall lamps to the type of arrangement that dominates your apartment. ... Czytaj więcej


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Wall lamps with movable arm - bet on functionality

Wall sconces are usually used as an additional spotlight to provide an atmospheric atmosphere or to illuminate small areas. Colors of Light is a store offering practical and modern solutions, so in the assortment you can find both a wall lamp in a classic form and a more functional wall lamp on a cantilever. The movable design allows you to freely maneuver the source of illumination, which allows you to fully adapt to your current needs. Do you want at the same time to be able to adequately illuminate the place where you relax, reading a book, to avoid excessive eye strain and to introduce a cozy atmosphere? A wall lamp with a movable arm is what you are looking for.

Wall lamps with movable arm - ideal for living room, dining room and bedroom

Colors of Light is an online store with lighting dedicated to various rooms, corresponding to the most popular types of design. We focus on quality, which translates into an attractive design and long product life, so the lamps available in the range of our store come from reputable manufacturers. A wall lamp on a cantilever will work well both as a spotlight for the living room and bedroom, when, for example, we want to devote ourselves to reading for relaxation and need the right light setting, and in the bathroom, when, for example, while applying makeup, we want to have our face fully illuminated. The option of free adjustment makes the wall lamp on a movable arm an increasingly popular fixture in both classic and modern interiors. A wide range of models allows you to freely adjust the form of the wall lamp to the overall interior design, making the wall lamp with a movable arm cease to be only a functional accessory, and become a visually attractive decoration.