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Boho wall lamps 

The boho style originated in the world of artistic bohemia and hippies. Thus, it is associated with freedom and naturalness. People who hold these qualities dear should introduce boho style lighting to their home. Wall sconces will present themselves in an interesting way here. They often have many accents that are inspired by nature. Boho wall lamps are usually wooden, which makes them look original and timeless. When arranging a home in boho style, it is worth reaching for accessories, natural of course. This style likes leaves, but also delicate feathers. Realize your dreams of a harmonious interior, choose sconces in boho style. Take a look at our proposals in this category. ... Czytaj więcej


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Naturalness in the home, or boho wall sconces

Do you love nature and naturalness? If so, then your interior should refer to the boho style. In such rooms you feel peace and harmony. When arranging, focus on choosing the right lighting, referring to the boho style. An excellent choice will be boho wall sconces. This is a real shot in the arm! Wall lamps can take different forms. They are made of natural wood or are braided. We can also meet bamboo wall sconces. In addition, it is worth noting the wooden beams, which are wrapped with a wire in the form of a fabric cord, at the end of which there is a light bulb. Many people, deciding on the boho style, also choose lighting in brass or bronze. It presents a striking appearance, but without a doubt, however, the ideal choice will be a wall lamp made of natural raw material.

Boho wall lamp - lightness and elegance

Lighting inspired by the boho style can not lack lightness and elegance. Boho wall lamps, even when quite decorative, do not give the impression of heaviness in the room. Such fixtures are delicate and subtle. In addition, you can bet on interesting geometric shapes. Choosing a boho wall lamp, you are sure that your interior will be romantic and unique.

The offer of our online store includes indoor and outdoor lighting. One of the many proposals are boho wall lamps. This category is quite popular among our customers. We are not surprised. This kind of lighting looks phenomenal. It introduces an original design and romantic character to the room. Boho wall lamps appear in particular in the bedroom. This is the room where we want to relax after a hard day. Surrounded by boho style, this is as possible.

Boho wall lamps - what sets them apart?

Wall lamps in boho style are fixtures made of natural materials, such as wood, wicker or bamboo. This is lighting that presents itself lightly. So it should not surprise us that this style is increasingly appearing in many homes. It is chosen primarily by people who are lovers of nature, naturalness and warmth. The boho wall lamp, in addition to looking unique, brings an aura of warmth to the room. This lighting has a positive effect on our mood and relaxation. Boho wall lamps distribute light in the room in a gentle way.

Lighting fixtures in boho style offered by the online store Colors of Light are a perfect example of this. You can create unique lighting from natural materials. Check out the entire category to find out!

Timeless atmosphere - choose boho wall sconces

Most of us like to surround ourselves with nature, this is especially true for people who live a hectic daily life without a moment's rest. Coming back from work, the only thing they dream of is peace, quiet and relaxation. There is a reason why boho style is beginning to dominate many arrangements. It's a direction that allows us to catch a deep breath, looking at the world a little differently. If you desire a change in your home, consider the boho style. Be sure to introduce it into your bedroom. This is where you spend time to rest and relax. If boho wall sconces are placed by the bed, surely the moments before bedtime will be a solace for body and soul. Looking for boho lighting, we invite you to check our proposals in this category. We offer models that delight in design, high quality workmanship and attention to the smallest details. Among several unique proposals you will choose a model that will meet your expectations.

Wall lamps in boho style from Colors of Light

Are you looking for boho style lighting, which is hard to pass by indifferently? Definitely pay attention to wall lamps from the offer of our online store Colors of Light. We offer in this category lighting designed from natural materials, which makes them unique and subtle. Boho wall lamps are designed by well-known manufacturers such as Lucide, Milagro and Novodvorski Lighting. These brands take into account current interior trends during production. They use only premium materials. We offer wall lamps in white, brown, black. Also pay attention to wooden models. You are cordially invited!