Modern wall lamps 

Wall lamps began to gain their popularity in the 1990s, then disappeared from the interior design podium for some time. Fortunately, after a dozen years or so we can again observe their great return to the market. Modern wall sconces are not only an extremely stylish and fashionable accessory, but also perform a highly useful function - they provide an additional source of light in the room. A well-lit home space is essential, as it allows us to function every day in the evening, and can significantly lift our mood. Today's modern wall lamps are distinguished by their original design - they add extraordinary class and originality to the room. ... Czytaj więcej


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Modern wall sconce - ideal for night-makers

If you work better at night, the installation of modern wall lamps is an excellent solution. Not only do they provide an additional source of light, but also allow its directional positioning. Thanks to this, when you want to work or read a book at night, and you do not want to turn on the ceiling lamp - you just need to direct the light of the wall lamp in the right direction. This is also a great solution when you decide to have a late-night movie marathon - watching with a ceiling lamp on is rather not the most pleasant, while lit wall sconces create an atmosphere ideal for watching movies. Do not delay any longer, just make your evenings more pleasant and choose unique modern wall sconces in the store Colors of Light!

Modern indoor wall lamps - classics in a new edition

The offered wall sconces are a perfect combination of classics and modernity. We are aware that each of our customers can define a modern interior in a different way. Fortunately, in our offer we have prepared an extremely diverse selection of indoor wall lamps - you are sure to find the perfect model for you and your interior. Additional sources of light will beautifully emphasize the character of any room, no matter what style you decorate it in. In addition, they allow you to manipulate the light - thanks to them you can highlight specific places in the room, as well as cover any deficiencies, directing the light in the other direction.

Modern wall sconces - what colors to choose?

We are aware of how different the needs of our customers sometimes are. For this reason, in our online store Colors of Light we have prepared a variety of models of modern wall lamps. If you are decorating a room in the extremely fashionable Scandinavian style, then be sure to choose wall lamps in shades of white, beige or gray. Not only will they create an aesthetic whole with the room decorated in this way, but they will also optically illuminate the interior and its walls. If, on the other hand, you prefer an industrial, loft or raw style, then sconces in black will be perfect. They will be a great complement to any such decorated place. Or maybe you like glamour style? Then be sure to bet on modern wall lamps in gold color, which are extremely elegant and extravagant.

Unique lamps - modern wall lamps

Modern wall lamps are designed to be placed in rooms with different design styles. Thus, you can install a set of the same wall sconces in several places in your home. You can calmly install these highly functional elements of additional lighting in the living room, bedroom, as well as in the hallway or bathroom. In any place of your home they will fit perfectly! Do not hesitate any longer, just choose extremely modern wall sconces from reputable manufacturers in our store Colors of Light. We guarantee that you will not regret it!

Amazing quality and durability of products in the store Colors of Light

When choosing lamps for the interior of your home, it is worth betting on such models that have a timeless design - then they will fit perfectly into your apartment, even if you change its decor. It should also be added that it is worth investing in quality lighting elements. In our online store you will find only modern wall sconces made of high-quality materials. This makes them extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear - you will be able to enjoy them for many years! Choose the best for your home - choose unique modern wall sconces and enjoy a stylish and unique interior!