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The lighting industry is constantly changing, but there are a few companies on the market that are consistently renowned for their quality and class. These undoubtedly include Elstead Lighting, a UK-based company that creates high-quality products with interesting design - often drawing inspiration from medieval traditions.

Elstead lamps - Classics broken by modernity

Our online store is a place where promotion, attractive price, best quality and interesting design intermingle. An example of this are, for example ,Elstead Lighting lamps. In the assortment you can find both classic, elegant chandeliers, English-style lamps and modern models with bold shapes. Thanks to this, Elstead lamps gain the sympathy of people with different tastes, who have one thing in common - they like visually attractive objects that, in addition to practicality, are characterized by high quality .The company has its origins in the 17th century, when the first hand-forged Elstead Lighting lamps were created. The tradition is still cultivated today - many models are finished by hand. Theonline store Colors of Light is a place with a wide assortment. We are equipped with Elstead Lighting Poland lamps dedicated to different rooms. You can find Elstead lamps in the form of wall lamps - both single and double, chandeliers, plafonds, ceiling hanging lamps and table lamps. Elstead Poland includes classic chandeliers, lamps with fabric shades, as well as more modern and unusual solutions. Elstead lamps are made extremely carefully, with attention to every detail. Decorative and attractive appearance is also influenced by finishing elements created from such materials as patina, bronze, ceramic, as well as crystals. We also offer products decorated with stained glass.

Our online store was created for supporters of different decorative styles, so the offer includes beautifully decorated Elstead Lighting lamps, as well as more subdued models that delight with precision workmanship and simple, but elegant design. We recommend chandeliers and lighting in the English style, ideal for classically decorated interiors, as well as more futuristic lamps that are perfect for modern spaces. If you are one of the lovers of stylish interiors, elstead lighting lamps are products that should decorate your apartment.

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