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Color of Light online store is a place where promotion goes hand in hand with the highest quality. We are constantly expanding our offer, equipping the store with products from reputable companies that are recognized by those who set a high standard. Modernity - this is how to describe Italux lamps, which are known both in Poland and around the world. For more than 20 years they have been supplied by private customers who dream of a stylish interior, where lighting is not only a practical addition, but also a stylish decoration, owners of commercial buildings or representatives of public institutions. Our online store is a place where we focus on quality, functionality and attractive design - all these features are possessed by Italux lighting.

Italux lamps - invite modernity to the interior of your home

Do you like to have a choice? Italux lighting will provide it for you. A wide selection of Italux lamps is one of the main advantages of the company - the manufacturer's offer includes more than two thousand designs of fixtures. You can opt for both classic and modern models that refer to current lighting trends. We offer lighting for the garden, Italux pendant lamps for the living room, bedroom, children's room, bathroom. Popular among the products with which our online store has been equipped are Italuxplafond, Italux wall lamp, Italux chandelier, desk lamps and spotlights. Italux lamp designers use a variety of materials. This is confirmed by the latest Italux catalog, which features collections equipped with articles made of concrete, plaster, aluminum, glass, acrylic and steel.

Italux lighting - choose your style

Italux lighting will delight everyone, even the most demanding proponent of stylish interiors and decorations. Italux lamps look great both in glamour style interiors - here the best solution will be an Italux chandelier decorated with crystals, in apartments where minimalism reigns, and in retro style, where an Italux pendant lamp modeled after the light bulbs invented by Edison can hang. Models created from metal alloys and tinted glass also look original. Also noteworthy are articles with glass elements. Fans of classics will certainly like Italux pendant lamps, which use steel and fabric. The solution is ideal for spacious living rooms. For restaurants and hotels, on the other hand, the Italux steel and crystal plafond is suitable. Italux lamp collections also do not lack designer items, such as a lighting sphere made of steel and acrylic or models made of metals and plastics. If you are looking for a unique product, Italux lighting will meet your wildest expectations.

Italux wall sconces - a practical solution, a stylish addition

Chandelier, pendant lamp, plafond - Italux lighting works not only in the living room or bedroom, but also in the home office, children's room or stylish bathroom. When furnishing the interior of an apartment, we first choose the main lighting, often forgetting that additional lighting plays an equally important role, translating into the degree of visibility in the room. Italux lamps are not only products that will provide a diffused source of light, they are also spotlights. Our online store is also equipped with additional light sources that an Italux wall lamp can provide. As with the main products, wall sconces are available in many forms that relate to the design styles that are most popular.

Attractive price, stunning design, high quality, proven construction and materials of the best quality - Italux lighting has all these qualities, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction - whether, when choosing lamps, you are guided only by their practicality and durability, or attractive appearance.

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