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Are you looking for the best quality lamps? The Color of Light online store is the perfect place where you can easily find what you are looking for. Do you prefer classic models or modern forms? No matter what form of lamps suits you best, you will find it in the assortment of our store, such as deciding on Lucide lighting.

Lucide lamp - classics juxtaposed with modernity

Whether you belong to the group of lovers of modern solutions or prefer the classics, Lucide lighting will appeal to you. In the company's offer there is something for everyone. The Belgian brand specializes in both minimalist and traditional designs, offering various types of Lucide lamps - traditional hanging models, original, spacious chandeliers, or desk lighting. The assortment also includes a Lucide wall lamp, which will be ideal both as a hallway light and as an additional spotlight, such as in the bedroom, dining room or living room.

Lucide lamp - quality coming from experience

Lucide lighting is a manufacturer that has a very rich tradition and offers an extremely extensive range of products that are highly appreciated in Europe and around the world. In Poland, Lucide lamps are also gaining more and more fame, due to their excellent design and durability of solutions. What distinguishes the manufacturer's offer is, first of all, originality and distinctiveness of individual models - Lucide lamp delights both in terms of color, power and shape. Thanks to this, the products in the assortment of our online store cater to different tastes and meet the greatest requirements.

Lucide lighting - choose a model that is ideal for the arrangement of the apartment

Before choosing one of the Lucide lamps, you should consider some of the most important issues that will make the purchase an investment for many years. First of all, it is worth betting on timeless colors - white, black, beige, silver and gold, i.e. the colors that characterize Lucide lighting, will never go out of fashion, are timeless and fit into most rooms. On the other hand, when it comes to quality, it's best to trust proven brands - so if you decide to place an order with a manufacturer like Lucide, the lamp you choose is sure to be created from top-class materials. Lucide lighting is also distinguished by its high functionality, going hand in hand with exceptional design. Thereis no doubt that for the designers creating the Lucide brand, lamps are plastic forms, reflecting unique ideas and many years of experience in the industry.

The combination of numerous factors - quality, design, shapes, functionality and attractive price - makes it worth investing in Lucide lamps and thus in a quick but extremely effective way to change the character of your home interior.

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