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Choosing the right lamp for your bathroom can be crucial to the comfort, functionality and aesthetics of this space. That's why in our store we offer a wide selection of bathroom lamps that will allow you to create unique and practical lighting that meets all your expectations. ... Czytaj więcej


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Bathroomlamps should combine functionality with elegance to fit in with your bathroom decor and at the same time provide the right amount of light. Bathroom lamps are not only lighting over the mirror or ceiling lamps - they are also all kinds of wall lamps, plafonds and halogen pendants, which together create a coherent and harmonious arrangement. In our store you will find a wide range of lamps that will make your bathroom a real oasis of relaxation.

Popular bathroom lamps: from ceiling lamps to wall lamps.

Bathroom lighting performs not only practical functions, but also affects the atmosphere and appearance of the interior. Choosing the right light can be a challenge, so consider the various options available on the market.

Ceiling lights

This is one of the most popular solutions for the bathroom. Ceiling lamps provide even and effective light dispersion, making the room bright and pleasant. In the offer of our store you will find ceiling lamps in various styles and shapes.

LED lighting for the bathroom

LED technology is increasingly used in bathrooms due to its energy efficiency and long life. Led lighting for the bathroom is available in the form of tapes, panels or bulbs, which can be used in different types of lamps.

Wall lamps

A great choice for those looking for stylish side lighting are wall lamps. These small lamps can be mounted on walls, providing a nice additional source of light. Wall lamps are ideal for lighting a mirror or small relaxation areas.


Plafonds are bathroom lamps mounted directly to the ceiling, which provide even illumination. Plafonds are the perfect solution for those who prefer a minimalist bathroom design.

Halogen luminaries

Halogen luminaries are versatile bathroom lamps that can be mounted in the ceiling or walls. Due to their small size, halogen luminaries allow you to precisely direct the light to the desired spot, making them ideal for spot lighting.

Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps are elegant and modern lamps for the bathroom, which add a unique character to the room. They can be used over the bathtub, shower or sink, adding both style and functionality.

Flush-mounted lamps

Flush-mounted lamps are the perfect solution for those who want to maintain a minimalist interior design. Blended into the walls or ceiling, they discreetly illuminate the interior, creating an elegant and functional space.

Bathroom lamps - how to match them to the size and style of the room?

Matching lamps to the size and style of the room can be the key to creating a thoughtful and harmonious arrangement. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect lighting for your bathroom:

Analyze the space

Before choosing a lamp for your bathroom, carefully measure the room to determine the required light intensity. In small bathrooms, compact lamps such as led lighting or wall sconces will work well.

Optimize lighting

Depending on the size of the bathroom, it is a good idea to use a combination of different light sources, such as ceiling lamps, wall lamps and spot lamps, to ensure adequate lighting in all parts of the room.

Interior style

Bathroomlamps should be consistent with the overall look of the interior. If your bathroom is in a classic style, choose bathroom lamps with traditional shapes and finishes. For modern bathrooms, look for minimalist models, such as led lighting.


Bathroom lamps should not only be stylish, but also practical. It is worth choosing models with adjustable arms or shades, which allow you to easily adjust the direction and intensity of light.

Do bathroom lamps need to be waterproof?

The answer to this question depends on where you plan to install the lighting. High humidity in bathrooms can affect the durability and safety of the lamp. Therefore, it is important to choose the right models.

A bathroom lamp installed near a bathtub, shower or sink should be waterproof to avoid the risk of damage or electrocution. Lamps labeled as waterproof have special IP codes that indicate their resistance to water and dust.

If you plan to install led lights for the bathroomin areas away from water sources, they do not necessarily need to be waterproof. In this case, however, it is important that the lamp is resistant to moisture and has a quality workmanship.

How to choose lamps for the bathroom?

When choosing lamps for the bathroom, it is worth paying attention to several important issues that will help us create a thoughtful and functional lighting. First of all, think about your requirements and expectations - do you need spot lighting over the mirror, or soft, relaxing light throughout the space?

The next step is to determine the style of the interior and the size of the bathroom. Choose lamps that are compatible with your bathroom's decor and color, and that fit the size of your bathroom. Also check the materials of the lamps to ensure durability and safe use. Also keep in mind the energy efficiency and technologies used in the lamps.