Ceiling lamps for dressing rooms 

The online store Colors of Light is a place where quality goes hand in hand with design and functionality. In the offer, in addition to classic forms of lighting, you can also find closet lighting. This form of lamps will not only improve the use of the closet, but also positively influence the design of the apartment. What model of lighting to choose to pass the test? ... Czytaj więcej


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Ceiling lamps for dressing rooms - match the type to the specifics of the room

Have you always dreamed of a separate dressing room, where clothes, accessories and shoes will have their own place, without having to stuff them in a classic closet? When arranging a dressing room, keep in mind that this type of room should, above all, be functional. Ensure visibility by equipping your dressing room with adequate lighting. Typically, this type of room is devoid of windows, so it is required to properly adjust the forms of lighting that will facilitate the use of the dressing room. The online store Colors of Light offers both ceiling lights for a dressing room, which has a fairly limited area, and for a room with a considerable space. When choosing dressing room lighting, adjust the form to suit your needs. If you have a small dressing room, ceiling lamps for dressing rooms will be a sufficient form of lighting. However, if you furnish a spacious dressing room, which additionally does not have access to daylight, dressing room lighting should take into account not only a central light source, but also point sources - in this case, additional plafonds and wall sconces will be the best solution.

Ceiling lamps for dressing rooms - functional decoration

Lighting in a dressing room is primarily intended to favorably affect visibility and convenience of use, but this is not the only purpose of lamps located in this type of room. Properly assembled lighting for a dressing room can also be an attractive decoration. The online store Colors of Light is a proponent of solutions that combine practicality and visual experience. For this reason, the offer includes closet lighting maintained in a variety of styles - from minimalist, geometric cuts maintained in subdued colors, through original, slightly crude industrial shapes, to richly decorated models referring to the rustic, New York or glamour style. Such a variety of closet lighting means that everyone will find something for themselves - whether you are a fan of functional or designer solutions.

Attractive price, promotion, high quality and remarkable design - can these features go together? The assortment with which the online store Colors of Light is equipped confirms that yes! The closet lighting we offer will be perfect for any interior, providing the ability to use the room freely.