Lamps for children's room 

Choosing the right lamps for a child's room can be a challenge. Lighting for a child's room should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing to create a friendly and comfortable place to study, play and sleep. When choosing lamps for a child's room, there are a few important considerations that will help you make the right decision. ... Czytaj więcej


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In our store you will find a wide selection of lamps that meet all the criteria of safety and functionality, and at the same time have a child-friendly design. It is worth remembering that lighting for a child's room can affect the development of your little one, so it is good to know what to follow when buying the perfect lamp.

Types of lighting: which lamps for a child's room will be the best?

Choosing the right lamps for a child's room is crucial to creating a welcoming and functional space for your child. It is worth learning about the different types of lighting for a child's room to choose the best solutions for your kid.

Ceiling lamps

They are the basic lighting for children's room. Properly selected lamps for a child 's room will ensure even dispersion of light, which is important for the visual comfort of a toddler.

Pendant lamps

Often used as lighting for a baby's room, such as over a crib or changing table. They give a stronger light, but when buying it is worth paying attention to the possibility of height adjustment.

Standing lamps

These are ideal lamps for a child's room, especially for toddlers who are at the stage of learning, when they need extra light for reading or drawing. A lamp for a child 's room should be stable and have the ability to adjust the angle of the light.

Wall lamp

A great addition to the ceiling lamp, especially by the child's bed. This can create a cozy atmosphere and make it easier to read stories in the evening.

Bedside lamps

This lighting for a child's room, which allows you to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere before bedtime. Lamps for a child's room with low light intensity can also be helpful during nighttime feeding or evening nursing.

Light intensity adjustment: how to adjust the lighting for a child's room to suit the needs of a toddler?

Adjusting the light intensity of the lamps used in a child's room is a key element that affects the comfort and safety of your child. Adapting lighting to the needs of a toddler is not only a matter of illumination, but also of light color.

Color of light

Determines the "warmth" of the light. It is advisable to choose children's room lamps with a light color close to natural (about 4000 K), which promotes relaxation and concentration.


That is, the intensity of light falling on a surface, measured in lux (lx). In lighting for a children's room, it is worth using values from 200 lux (relaxation zones) to 500 lux (work zones).

Light intensity control

A lamp for a child's room should have the ability to smoothly adjust the brightness, which will allow you to adjust the lighting to different situations, such as studying or sleeping.

Light sources

Energy-efficient sources, such as LED, are recommended for children's room lamps. They give stable and eye-friendly light, plus they generate little heat.

The use of dimmers

This is a practical solution that allows you to smoothly adjust the intensity of lighting in children's room lamps. They can be easily installed at the light switch.

Providing adequate lighting in the children's room requires consideration of many factors. Thanks to the use of modern technology, we can customize children 's room lamps to meet all the requirements of our kids.

What lamps to choose for a child's room?

When looking for a lamp for a baby's room, it is worth betting on safe and functional models that will not be too invasive or bright.

On the other hand, guided by the theme or color scheme of the decor, we can choose lamps that will harmonize with the rest of the interior. Opt for models made of materials that are easy to clean and simple to maintain, such as glass or metal.

You should also pay attention to energy efficiency - LED lamps, due to their durability and lower energy consumption, are a great choice for a child's room.

When your child begins to study, consider adding a desk lamp to provide adequate light for learning. It is also important to take into account the growing needs of the child - models with adjustable height or angle of light will work well for both infants and older children.

What should be kept in mind when choosing a lamp for a baby's room?

Choosing a lamp for a baby's room is an important task that can affect the comfort and development of your child. When choosing the right lighting, it is worth remembering that safety is key - pay attention to the materials of the baby room lamps and the soundness of their installation.

The functionality of the lamp is also extremely important. Choose a model that will provide gentle yet effective illumination, tailored to the different needs of the infant. Lamps for the baby's room can help create a cozy atmosphere and make nighttime feeding or nursing more comfortable and enjoyable.