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Lamps for the kitchen 

Choosing the right lamps for the kitchen is an important element of interior design, which affects the comfort of cooking and the aesthetics of the room. Lamps in the kitchen must combine functionality with attractive design to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. In our store we offer a wide selection of lamps for the kitchen that will perfectly meet these criteria. Kitchen lighting should be both practical and stylish to create a harmonious whole with the rest of the decor. We invite you to explore our wide range and choose lamps that will perfectly fit into your kitchen, creating a friendly and efficient place to work. ... Czytaj więcej


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Lamps for the kitchen - what is worth knowing?

Choosing the right lamps for the kitchen is crucial for the functionality and aesthetics of this room. There are many types of kitchen lighting that you should know so that you can choose the most suitable ones for your space. In our store you will find a wide range of lamps for the kitchen that will meet your needs both in terms of practicality and visual appeal.

Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps are a popular choice among those looking for interesting lamps for the kitchen. Depending on their shape, size and number, they can be used in both large and small kitchens. Hanging lamps over a table, kitchen island or worktop perfectly illuminate the work surface and add character to the space.

Table and floor lamps

Although table and floor lamps are not commonly used in kitchens, they can add charm and functionality to smaller spaces. For example - a stylish table lamp can become the focal point of a small kitchen, while a floor lamp can provide additional light in a small dining room.

Spot lighting

Spot lighting is a great solution for those who want to highlight specific elements of kitchen design. Spotlights can be used to illuminate shelves with decorative items or accent the texture of a wall. It is worth remembering that spot lighting will not replace general lighting, but will be a great complement to it.

Wall lighting

Wall lights can be as functional as they are decorative. Mounted on the wall, they can serve as an additional source of light in places where we need additional illumination.

Lamps in the kitchen - how to choose the color of light for the room?

Lampsin the kitchen play a key role in creating a functional and cozy interior. When choosing lamps for the kitchen, it is worth paying attention to the light color, illumination and light source. The right choice of these elements will allow you to achieve harmonious and comfortable lighting that will affect the atmosphere in the room.

Light color is important because it affects our mood and color perception. In the kitchen, it is worth betting on neutral white light (about 4000 Kelvin), which will be perfect for cooking, reading recipes and eating meals. Lamps for the kitchen with higher values provide a more cozy atmosphere, which is especially important if you have a small room.

Illumination is another aspect worth paying attention to. Lamps in the kitchen should emit enough light to guarantee comfortable working conditions. It is recommended to use incandescent bulbs of about 500 lumens per square meter.

In addition to light color and illumination, the light source is also important. Energy-efficient LED bulbs, which have a long life and low energy consumption, will work well in the kitchen.

Remember that lamps for a small kitchen should be both functional and aesthetic. It is worth choosing models with a minimalist design that will not overwhelm the interior.

How to choose lamps for the style of the kitchen?

The selection of lamps in the kitchen is key to harmoniously match the lighting to the style of the interior. In our store you will find lamps for the kitchen that will emphasize the character of the room, regardless of its size.

In modern kitchens it is worth betting on minimalist and geometric forms, such as ceiling lamps or pendant lamps in the shape of cubes or cones. Materials such as stainless steel, glass or plastic will make your kitchen look modern and fresh.

For lovers of classic arrangements, kitchen lamps with brass, pewter or bronze finishes will work perfectly. Designs inspired by the 1950s and 1960s will add elegance and warmth to the kitchen.

For kitchens with a rustic style, lamps with wooden details, woven lampshades or ceramics will be a great solution. These elements will bring coziness and charm of a country atmosphere.

However, when it comes to lamps for a small kitchen, it is worth choosing models with subtle shapes that will not overwhelm the interior, but emphasize its style.

What to keep in mind when buying lamps for the kitchen? Main tips

Choosing the right lighting for the kitchen is quite a challenge. When buying the ideal lamps, you should pay attention to several important aspects.


Remember to use different types of lighting: main, spot and decorative. Well-chosen lamps will ensure comfortable work and the right mood.


Choose lamps with high quality workmanship - with approvals and certificates. Take care of proper installation, especially near sources of heat or water.


Opt for energy-efficient LED bulbs, which will reduce the cost of operating lighting.


Cool lamps for the kitchen should harmonize with the style of the interior. Match the materials, colors and designs of the lamps to the kitchen decor.


Be sure to place the lamps properly so that the light falls on the work area and does not cast a shadow.


Lamps for a small kitchen should be proportional to the room. Choose subtle shapes that will not overwhelm the interior.