Pendant lamps for the kitchen 

If you value functional lighting, pendant lamps are certainly the solution for you. More and more often they can be found in living rooms and kitchens. It is here that they can act as the main lighting, as well as illuminate the selected space. In addition, kitchen pendant lamps are a unique and functional decorative element. The varied offer of our online store Colors of Light will allow you to choose a model that meets your expectations, and will also fit into the kitchen design. You can choose from several proposals that differ in shape, form and workmanship. We encourage you to check out our assortment. You will also find interior lamps ideal for the bedroom or living room. ... Czytaj więcej


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Pendant lighting for the kitchen - is it worth it? Let's check!

Lighting the kitchen can prove to be quite a challenge. This is due to the nature of this room. In addition, the rich offer of this type of lighting does not make it easy for us to make a decision. Lighting manufacturers constantly surprise us with new designs. When choosing kitchen lighting, there are several important features to take into account. Taking into account the requirements of household members, the style of the kitchen, the quality of workmanship are the basic aspects that should determine the choice of lamps. Recently, pendant lighting for the kitchen has become very popular. Why? This is due to functionality, design and visual qualities. They can transform the interior, giving it a unique character. Hanging kitchen lamps can be placed over the island, table. They also look interesting as central lighting.

Elegance and functionality - choose hanging lamps for the kitchen

The kitchen is a room that performs many functions in houses and apartments. Due to the nature of the activities performed here, it should be functional. However, this does not mean that visual aspects are not important. On the contrary! The arrangement of this room requires the use of appropriate elements that will affect comfort in daily use. Very important is the choice of lighting. It is advisable to choose different types of light, with central lighting being crucial. As interior designers point out, hanging kitchen lamps will be ideal in this role. And for good reason! They present themselves elegantly, give the interior an impression of uniqueness and coziness. They are also characterized by practicality. A sizable selection of this type of lighting is an additional advantage. We can choose a lamp that fits individual needs.

Kitchen pendant lighting - look at the quality of workmanship

Pendant lighting reigns supreme during the design of kitchens and dining rooms. No wonder! Such lamps provide excellent light, which plays an important role in this room. Kitchen pendant lamps look great above the countertop or table. In addition, they can become an interesting addition to the arrangement. What should you pay attention to when choosing specific hanging lamps for the kitchen? We suggest!

When choosing kitchen pendant lights, pay attention to the quality of workmanship. This is the basis! The material from which the lamp was created should be characterized by durability and elegance. Not without importance is the type of light source. Recommended are models with an integrated LED module. In the kitchen we often use artificial lighting, so energy efficiency is an important issue. High electricity bills do not evoke positive emotions. They can be reduced by using LED lighting. Pendant lamps should be of the appropriate rating. IP20 is recommended. Check these aspects carefully, and the lamp will serve its function for many years.

Pendant lighting for the kitchen - determine the height.

In addition to the style of lighting and quality of workmanship, it is worth considering the height at which the lamp will be hung. It can not be mounted too low, because it will interfere with daily use. The pendant lamp should give bright, effective illumination. It also must not dazzle. If we want to install a pendant lamp over the table, the optimal height is 60-70 cm. In addition, we can choose pendant lighting for the kitchen, which will be adjustable. This is a modern solution that is meeting with increasing interest. When looking for pendant lights for the kitchen, we encourage you to carefully check the offers that are available on the market. This is a choice for several years. The purchase, therefore, can not be a matter of chance.

Colors of Light - get to know hanging kitchen lamps

Hanging kitchen lamps are one of the many proposals that make up the offer of our online store Colors of Light. We offer models from reputable manufacturers, which are distinguished by the highest quality workmanship and modern design. Modern style, classic, loft - no matter what arrangement you have chosen, with us you will find a model that meets your expectations. We offer pendant lamps that vary in color, shape and technical parameters. While browsing this category, we encourage you to pay attention to light bulbs. Here you will find products that can be an additional decoration of the kitchen. You are welcome!