Lamps for 1 phase busbars 

In this category, we have included modern lighting solutions that provide versatility, flexibility and efficiency in space design and arrangement. They are the ideal solution for those looking for lighting that can be easily adapted to changing needs and preferences. Utilizing advanced technology and an innovative design approach, 1 phase bus lights offer a wide range of features and capabilities. They are designed to work with single-phase bus systems that allow for flexible lamp placement and adjustment along the rail. ... Czytaj więcej


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Monorail lights - versatile and effective lighting

Mounting monorail lighting is an ideal solution for those who want to have full control over the lighting in their interiors, allowing them to adjust the light to suit specific tasks, moods or space arrangements. Hanging a lamp on a rail gives you the ability to easily change the location of the lighting depending on changing interior arrangements.

It is a solution that also allows you to adjust the number of lamps to be hung. The user has full control over how many lamps he or she wants to hang on the rail, making it possible to create the right amount of light. Whether you want subtle accents of light or bright and functional general lighting, which gives you full freedom in designing and personalizing your space.

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Modern monorail lamps - minimalist elegance

The functionality and flexibility of monorail lamps make them ideal for a variety of spaces, such as a dining room, living room or work room. The multitude of cuts and colors available in the Colors of Light store will allow you to choose the best model that will discreetly highlight your interior design.

Choosing monorail lamps, customers receive not only functional and effective lighting, but also the ability to creatively arrange the space. It's a solution that combines modern design, ease of use and personalization, providing satisfaction and lighting comfort.

The customer benefits of choosing monorail lamps are numerous. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, these lamps offer energy efficiency and high quality lighting. Thanks to their adjustability and controllability, the customer has full control over light intensity, which translates into electricity savings.

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Monorail lamps for 1 phase - installation and maintenance

In addition, monorail lamps are also easy to install and maintain, which speeds up the installation process and minimizes service costs. Thanks to a simple and intuitive system, the installation process for these lamps is quick and hassle-free. The rail on which the lamps are placed is easy to attach to various surfaces, such as ceilings or walls. As a result, even those without experience in lighting installation can handle the installation without the slightest problem. What's more, maintenance of monorail lamps is also very simple. If you need to replace a lamp, all you have to do is unscrew it from the rail and install a new one. There is no need to engage specialized personnel or use professional tools. In addition, monorail lamps often have a quick disassembly feature, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Control the light in your home - monorail lamps for 1 phase busbars

Monorail lamps allow you to fully control the lighting in your home, regardless of its size. Both for small, multi-functional rooms and spacious interiors.

For a small space that serves multiple functions, such as a dining room and living room, or a living room and a place to work or relax, a single rail-mounted light allows us to flexibly adjust the intensity of the light to meet current needs. We can easily change the position of the lamps, directing the light to a specific part of the room, creating the right atmosphere and highlighting selected elements.

For large rooms, monorail lamps are ideal for illuminating larger areas. Thanks to their modular design, multiple lamps can be mounted on a single rail, creating even and effective lighting throughout the space. This is ideal for those who want to highlight and illuminate areas such as a lounge space, dining area or work corner.

With monorail lamps, we can tailor the lighting to our individual preferences and changing needs depending on the size of the room. Whether we have a small multifunctional space or sprawling interiors, monorail lamps give us control over the light, allowing us to create the perfect lighting conditions that fit our lifestyle and interior aesthetics.