Magnetic tracks 

Magnetic tracks are modern lighting that are gaining in popularity. They are chosen by people who follow current interior trends, but also value innovation. This type of lighting is distinguished by its freedom when it comes to the issue of mounting lamps. We can position them in any direction, guaranteeing the right level of light in a particular place. So if you are planning to replace classic chandeliers with modern magnetic chandeliers, we invite you to take a look at the offer of the online store Colors of Light. The assortment includes high-end lighting, designed by respected manufacturers. With us you will find everything you need to create magnetic busbars. ... Czytaj więcej


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Magnetic track lighting - an idea for stylish interior design

Magnetic track lighting is a sensational idea for creating an original interior design. It looks great in houses, apartments, but also in the office. Lighting of this type is not complicated to install.

To begin with, it is worth knowing what a magnetic busbar really is. It is a type of linear lighting that creates a flexible solution. We can create an arrangement of lamps that will meet our expectations in every respect. Magnetic busbars are mounted on the wall or ceiling. It all depends on the possibilities of the room and the idea. Choosing magnetic track lighting, you create a unique and special interior. Check out what you will need for this type of lighting and how to do the installation!

Magnetic lighting rails - construction

Magnetic system and lighting are perfectly cooperating products. They consist of special aluminum profiles equipped with special electrical wires and lamps with magnetic adapters. The voltage inside the tracks is safe and is 48 V. We can safely touch the profiles by putting the lamps along the rails. Magnetic track lighting is also a range of accessories and connectors. Our online store includes classic indoor lamps, but we have also created a special category of rail lighting. It includes lamps for magnetic rails, accessories and rails. You will find everything you need to create rail lighting in one place, without leaving home. Welcome to the Colors of Light store!

Magnetic lighting - how to create it?

Magnetic lighting is characterized by very simple installation. There is really nothing complicated here. What you need are the right products and time. Installation of this lighting can be carried out in walls or on suspended ceilings. Depending on the choice of the specific mounting, we need to choose the appropriate rail and mounting feet. For rails that are to be pendant, we also need a cable with a mount and a box with wires. In any case, a 48-volt power supply is required. It can be hidden in the ceiling or placed in the box. When installing it, be sure to have access to it, in case there is a malfunction in the track lighting. The power terminal is also an important element. It is to it that we feed the cables from the power supply. The installation can run in a straight line or take different configurations. If we already install the rails and connect them to the power supply, it's time to choose the light fixtures. The adapter includes magnets that make it easy to remove and attach the lamps. Start assembling products today to create magnetic lighting. Take a moment to visit the Colors of Light store. Here you will find premium products from many respected manufacturers.

Magnetic tracks from our offer

The online store Colors of Light brings together in one place lighting products from manufacturers that occupy a leading position in the market. Each of our proposals is a combination of premium materials and modern solutions. An example of this are magnetic tracks. These are products that allow you to create lighting that is modern and highly functional. The assortment is composed taking into account the current interior trends.

Magnetic tracksfrom our offer are designed by the following manufacturers: AZZardo, Light Prestige, Maytoni and Nowodvorski Lighting, Milagro. The products are made of safe and durable materials. They differ in the number and type of light source. You can choose a flush-mounted magnetic light rail, but also a surface-mounted magnetic light rail. Each of our proposals is a guarantee of a beautiful interior. While browsing through this category, we encourage you to pay attention to other products. If you live in a house, be sure to also check out the outdoor lamps. In this section you will find models that catch the eye. Choose such lighting that looks impressive, but is also energy-efficient. You are welcome!