Art Nouveau lamps 

Are you a fan of original decorations? Do you dream of an apartment with a unique atmosphere? The online store Colors of Light meets your expectations - in the assortment you can find, among other things, Art Nouveau style lamps that delight with their design. ... Czytaj więcej

Art Nouveau lamps - bring an original atmosphere to the interior of the apartment

Art Nouveau style was born in Europe at the turn of the 20th century. Nowadays it is returning to favor as an alternative to interior design, which is dominated by primary colors, spaciousness and minimalism. Art Nouveau lamp is characterized by a brass base and a multicolored lampshade referring in style to stained glass, free compositional arrangements, abstract ornamentation and flowing, wavy lines. This form of lighting will be perfect for classic, elegant interiors with a unique atmosphere. The online store Colors of Light in its assortment has both Art Nouveau ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, wall lamps and table models. A wide selection allows you to comprehensively equip the interior of your home with stylish lighting, which, in addition to its functionality and practicality, impresses with exceptional design and attention to the smallest detail. All thanks to the fact that we work with proven, reputable manufacturers who rely on the best quality materials.

Art Nouveau lamps - stunning design going hand in hand with functionality

Art Nouveau lamp is a form of lighting that will delight any supporter of original, yet classic decorations. In addition to the stained-glass atmosphere in which Art Nouveau style lamps are maintained, the ornaments are also important - geometric shapes and floral patterns are the main motifs decorating this type of lighting form. This, combined with multicolored glass, gives a distinctive effect - both hanging lamps, wall lamps and plafonds maintained in such a style are extremely decorative. Art Nouveau lamp perfectly harmonizes with wooden furniture styled as antiques and leather sofas referring to the style of Anglo-Saxon countries. This type of lighting brings a moody, cozy atmosphere to the interior of the room. Elegance juxtaposed with tradition and multicolors makes Art Nouveau style lamps a popular choice for proponents of interiors that delight in design.

The online store Colors of Light is a place where you will find lighting that refers to a variety of design styles. We reach not only for modern, minimalist or original solutions, but also like to return to tradition, giving it a unique style. Thanks to the fact that we cooperate with reputable companies, the products we offer delight not only in appearance, but most of all in the quality of workmanship and, consequently, durability. The attractive price we offer and the constantly recurring promotion will certainly encourage you to get acquainted with the offer prepared by us and complete the lighting, thanks to which you will bring into your apartment the atmosphere you dream of.