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GX53 230V LED bulbs 

The Color of Light online lighting store relies on assortments from proven, respected manufacturers. For this reason, we sell, among other things, Integral light bulbs - a reputable brand translates into quality lighting, which is dedicated to both apartments and office spaces of varying size. ... Czytaj więcej


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GX53 light bulb - energy-saving LED bulbs of high quality

Adequate lighting in the home or office space translates not only into adequate visibility, but also climate and mood. For this reason, our online lighting store in the assortment also has accessories, which include LED bulbs, includingIntegral bulbs characterized by long life, high quality and attractive price. The GX53 LED bulb is matched to a 230-volt power supply. The LED bulbs provide a light distribution angle of 110 degrees and are available in two versions providing two luminous fluxes -530 LM or 545 LM.

GX53 incandescent bulb - a light source tailored to your needs

The GX53 bulb we offer, due to its led model, provides energy savings and a long life of up to 15000 hours. An additional advantage is the warranty from the manufacturer, valid for two years. The Integral LED bulbs we offer are available in two versions - 2700 K and 4000 K. These designations specify the color of light - warm, ideal for small rooms and bedrooms, and neutral - dedicated to rooms where we spend time more actively. These types of rooms include the kitchen, living room and bathroom. When choosing lighting, it is worth taking into account not only the specifics of the room, but also its square footage. We are talking here not only about the choice of lamp model, but also of light bulbs. GX53 bulb, both providing a warm and neutral shade of light, provides a high color rendering index, which translates into a perfect effect. This is a very important issue, as it affects not only good visibility in the room, but also the condition of our eyes, and even our mood - regularly staying in a room that is too dark not only puts a significant strain on our eyesight, but also negatively affects our mood. Colors of Light is a store where experience is combined with quality, which is guaranteed by products from reputable companies. Choosing LED bulbs of the Integral brand, you can be sure that the light in your apartment will not only introduce a unique atmosphere conducive to relaxation at home, but also protect your eyes from excessive strain.

Our online lighting store is the place where you will find both stylish lamps of different types and styles, as well as the necessary lighting accessories. If you are interested in an attractive price and high quality, order the products we offer and enjoy a perfectly lit apartment.